Behind the brand

ninti leather cuff manchette bracelet colors workshop

NÏnti bracelets are handcrafted in our own workshop near Lyon (France)


“NÏNTI is a French label focusing on eco-friendly conception and traditional craftsmanship skills. From our little workshop in the Lyon area, we put our creative minds together to design handmade bracelets, in small batches, by recycling left-over skins from prestigious French luxury brands.

We like to use natural and high-quality materials for our work, for 2018 spring summer collection we use also patent leather from italian tanneries, spanish cork and solid brass clasps.

We are also greatly inspired by nature.  Pattern printings, colors and hot printed messages are at the heart of our creations.”


Olga Ioos and Maïté Arnous Rivière are the creators behind Nïnti. Olga worked as a photography stylist in fashion and interior design for twelve years. Maïté studied art history and is passionate about creating jewellery and fashion accessories.